• Do you deliver during the weekday (Mon -Fri)?

      Yes, but at select times throughout the day and only from the $5 INSTANT MENU. Check out our delivery calendar to see what time slots are open. All other menu options will be delivered on Sunday after 3pm. We do make exceptions for special cases. However, we must be notified ahead of time.

    • Do you have any meals that is ready for pick-up today?

    • How big are your containers?

      • We use the standard 28oz one compartment container. Our instant $5 menu plates are packed in our specialized vacuumed containers, to ensure prolonged freshness. Custom orders can  be packed with a  similar container, but upon special request.

    • Do I have to wait till Sunday if I would rather pick-up my customized order?

                          Yes. We would like to do all our cooking at once. For right now, Sunday after 3pm is reserved for custom order pick-up and delivery. If you need meals before then, please check out our Instant menu to hold you until your custom order is ready. Our turnover time for custom order is 2-3 days.